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Can running shoes help prevent an overuse injury?

The primary function of a runner having appropriate running shoes is to assist in preventing injury and help them run more rapidly. Using an inappropriate running shoe for a runner is regarded as to increase the risk for an exercise related injury and make the running less economical. Whereas if the most suitable running footwear was used then there's a lower possibility for an exercise related injury and also the athlete is more efficient in the way they run. There is lots of debate if the athletic shoes does actually reach that goal or not. There is not a lot of science to back up that and what little data there exists implies that it may not be a correct assumption that the running footwear might actually prevent exercise related injury. Various athletic shoes businesses have approached the matter or issue diversely with each and every brand giving up different approaches with various degrees of success. There is an incredibly broad range of running footwear on the market, with each brand name and model having several design characteristics that the running shoe shop ought to match all of them up to the needs of the individual athlete.

About a year ago, Nike introduced the brand new Nike React Infinity running shoe with the bold promises that it will reduce running injury by 52% and they also had data to back that claim up. You've got to be cautious making this kind of health claims about running shoes as they can be and also have been the reason for a lawsuit as well as deals with the regulating authorities previously. As of writing this, the study that backs up the promise is not published for expert analysis and all that's available is an abstract of the results of the study. The study was performed by a university for Nike. The research divided 226 runners of every age group and abilities into 2 different groups as they were training for a half marathon. One group of the runners ran in the Nike Structure which is a conventional motion control running shoe and the other group ran in the new Nike React Infinity Run shoe. The results revealed that athletes wearing the React Infinity had a 52 per cent lower running injury rate compared to those in the motion control running footwear. The wearers of the React Infinity also observed that they felt less pain within their knee joints as well as the feet from the running. These results appear good, but the research should be put under greater scrutiny before it is widely accepted.

Many of these matters are repeatedly debated and litigated in several places. An episode of the livestream, PodChatLive was devoted to the aforementioned matters. In this show the two hosts (both runners) talked about the topic with Michael Nitschke who is a podiatric doctor, a very good runner as well as a running coach. In a thread on the message board, Podiatry Arena, there is lots of comments about the Nike statements about their Nike react lowering exercise related injury incidence. Given the great deal of different perspectives and opinions this is an matter that is not likely to be sorted out any time soon.

How to find the best athletic shoes?

There is not any such thing as the ideal running shoe. As much as all athletes want tips on what is the best running shoe, it is just simply not easy to name one. There is probably a best running shoe for each individual runner, but not a generic one shoe which is best for all runners. The range of running shoes available now is greater than it has ever been. At one end of the market there are the minimalist running footwear that have very little support and shock absorption. At the other end of the market are the innovative maximalist running shoes with the very cushioned athletic shoes. The range in between these two extremes has never been greater with over 100 manufacturers of running shoes, with every producer having anywhere from one model to over 20 shoes, indicating that there are more than thousands of diverse athletic shoes available on the market for the athlete to select from. This presents quite a predicament for the athlete wanting to pick a running shoe for themselves. To further mess with things are that every of the running shoe models have distinct design elements that will have an effect on different runners in different ways.

Different athletic shoes will achieve different effects. The minimalist running shoes will interfere very minimally as to permit the foot to move naturally, whereas other footwear is designed to influence motion and function. For eg, the Airia athletic shoes have a inclination or tilt under the forefoot that can have substantial impacts on the way the foot moves. The Hoka One One running shoes have the maximal amount of shock absorption. Athletes will need to try on a range of distinct footwear in the spectrum and select the shoe which best suits what they think and understand about running along with what best suits their running style or technique The recommendations from a speciality athletic shoes retailer is worthwhile to help this process.