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Reasons To Invest In Whisky

Whiskey investment is a new asset where growth and return can be felt. For fine wine investors, whiskey is the ideal partner for a rare asset.

The risk of reduction is limited

In contrast to a commercial business, there is not enough risk of having an important real asset such as whiskey. whiskey cask Investors are happy with the protection that keeps their assets in one of our warehouses.

 Reasons to invest in whisky

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It should also be noted that whiskey is not drunk when distilled (made) and should be stored in oak barrels for at least three years, although the normal aging period is nine years. Often when ripe, the whiskey increases and increases its value for the owner.

World demand

Whiskey is constantly moving from strength around the world. There is a growing global market for high-quality liquors that whiskey can put to good use because of its authenticity, origin, and quality. In 2018, the export value of Scotch whiskey rose 7.8% to a record £ 4.70 billion.

Guarantee of provenance

Thanks to the rule that all Scotch whiskey barrels must be stored in state warehouses, every vessel is tracked as it is refined and sealed in the barrel. This means that any bottle made of a cask can be certified as a genuine whiskey of the highest order.