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How To Grow Hydroponic Cannabis

Cannabis- a common nickname for "weed" -comes from its capacity to grow almost anywhere, in a variety of different conditions and climates. "Hydroponic marijuana" only refers to growing plants using a nutrient solution-water and inert growing medium instead of nutrient-rich soil.

This system could be something as basic as inert media with nutrient solution. This series, advanced automated marijuana planting system comes with timers, multiple pumps, and reservoirs and can take multiple daily laborers of growing.

Marijuana growers have used different hydroponic methods over the years as a way to maximize the results and accelerate growth, the two main benefits of soilless growing. Working with the soil in the room can be inefficient for a number of reasons:

  • You may not be able to reuse soil
  • It is difficult to determine the right amount of nutrients
  • Need to carefully monitor the pH of the soil
  • soil quality significantly affect the final product


With some of the hydroponic method, you can use a small amount of growing media that were often reused while also precisely controlling what the nutrients and pH level plant receives. With such a level of control, farmers found that their buds were larger, healthier and stronger.

If you don't have experience of growing marijuana before, using hydroponics can be a great way to produce marijuana in every room size.