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Learning to Drive Manually

In most parts of the country, you will find that drivers’ education classes focus on vehicles that have an automatic transmission. This is probably okay because many of the first cars that these individuals will drive will be those that have automatic transmission.

For a beginning driver, there are already a lot of things to think about and remember, without having to use both feet, and shift at the same time. But for those of us who have learned how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, we have some great pieces of advice to offer those who would like to learn.

You can also take the Motorcycle Driving Course ( which is also known as ” หลักสูตรสอนขับรถจักรยานยนต์ ” in thai language ) if you want to learn a bike riding.

Learn to drive a motorcycle

First of all, it is probably a good idea to just learn how to drive a stick-shift. You never quite know what position you might be put into in the future, and having this knowledge and skill training could one day come in handy.

Driving a vehicle with manual transmission is a fun thing to do, and eventually becomes something not unlike riding a bike. Once you train your hands and feet to work together, you hardly have to think about that part of driving, and can focus all of your attention on the road, as you should.

However, if you are setting out to learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle, realize that different models will present a different experience. For example, driving a small car with a manual transmission will be entirely different than driving a big pick-up truck.

Not in the way that works, necessarily, but there will be some differences in the way that it feels to drive the vehicle. It may simply take a few minutes to get used to how the individual vehicle works, which is normal.