Steel Versus Wooden Beams

Steel beams are commonly used today throughout the various buildings and homes. From the apartment complex to a shopping mall and a smaller structure, builders rely on them for their strength and endurance as well as their longevity. 

Popular wood beams for building structures in the past are sometimes even replaced by these steel beams for the excellence of materials and strength. But sometimes because of the lower cost, the quality of the wooden beams are still in use without causing major structural damage. 

Some builders even prefer to use a mixture of both, especially in the second story of the house. Beams come in different shapes, sizes and varieties. Get more information about the wooden beams clamps via ‘eco fitting & valve’ (Also known as ‘ข้อต่อเชิงนิเวศและวาล์ว’ in the Thai language).

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Steel beams are available as a single beam, dual beam, I beam or RSJ beams, T beams, rack beams, beam splice, to name a few. Some of these beams can come pre-drilled from manufacturers to customize a variety of construction needs.

Durable steel beams can be painted to protect them against rust from water or moisture, but they are more difficult to work with unless the proper equipment is on hand. 

But they often require two or more people or even a crane to lift them because of their large size and weight. Steel beams must also often be ordered specifically if the project is a little more involved and there was not one available.

Wooden beams can be a very good choice for both home and business stories because of their light weight. Wood Beams also can work just as well for the lower level of the home, depending on the type of wood beams. 

Wooden beams can be strong depending on the type of wood used. Wooden beams tend to be cheaper than their steel counterparts and are often easy to find as close as your local lumber yard.

Wooden beams or anchors are easy to drill into and to cut them is often more easily modified. But the wooden beams are subject to rot and wear more easily, especially if you have wet or damp conditions.