Staffing Agencies In Seattle: What You Should Know As A Job Seeker

For decades, recruitment agencies have provided a wide range of services to employers and found job opportunities for job seekers across the country. Also known as employment agencies, and whose employees are sometimes referred to as bounty hunters, these companies act as recruitment services for employers outsourced to their staffing needs.

In theory, staffing agency employees specialize in industry-specific knowledge (depending on the company employing their services) and function as a sort of HR professional, seeking, recruiting, and hiring employees for specific jobs, fulfilling and processing payroll tasks, and transacting business. with other matters, such as Disciplinary action and prosecution by employees on behalf of the company that employs them.

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While these companies are a great resource for employers who are reluctant to hire and job seekers who are struggling to find permanent employment, there are a few things that job seekers need to know. When a job seeker applies to a recruitment agency, several things usually happen. 

First, the candidate is interviewed for the position he or she is interested in. If everything goes according to plan, the applicant will be employed by a temporary employment agency for a period of time and released from a full-time employment agency at a later date. 

If a candidate is not selected for the particular position for which they are applying, the recruitment agency will store their name in the job database maintained within the agency. Any potential job matches will then be highlighted and candidates will be contacted if future matches meet their requirements.