Schroth Method: An Effective Treatment for Idiopathic Scoliosis

The Schroth Method is a non-surgical, effective treatment for scoliosis. It can be used in conjunction with treatment recommended by a spine specialist. For scoliosis treatment, you can opt for the method of Schroth in Singapore from

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The Schroth Method employs customized exercises to restore a natural posture. This is the most common treatment for scoliosis found in many countries. 

Doctors pay close attention to the three-dimensional curve of the spine during treatment and show patients specific techniques to correct it. After patients are in a corrected position, doctors teach them breathing techniques and muscle activation techniques that will help them maintain it. It helps to train motor neurons to distinguish between correct posture and scoliosis.

The treatment usually involves about 10 sessions and lasts for six months. Patients may notice visible changes in their spine curvature.

To learn these techniques takes patience and dedication from the patient. We recommend home exercises at least five times per week, for half an hour each.

Numerous studies have shown that physical therapy with scoliosis-specific exercises leads to better patient outcomes, including reduced pain, increased muscular strength, endurance, and self-image.

A physician should first evaluate patients with scoliosis. He or she is qualified to treat the spine both operatively as well as non-operatively.

You can consult with therapists and spine providers to determine if Schroth treatment might be right for you.