Permanent Makeup – Eyeliner And Lip Liner

If you are thinking about what permanent makeup is; basically, it is makeup that is tattooed right on one's face.

The difference between a permanent lip liner, and a butterfly tattoo that someone may have colored on their lower back is that a tattoo is primarily meant to make a statement about a person's personality, but makeup is only meant to enhance it (or easily change) everything is there.

How To Apply Permanent Makeup?

As mentioned in the last paragraph, permanent makeup basically consists of a series of tattoos. You can also find more about the latest micropigmentation techniques online.

This means that it is usually applied like a tattoo; except that they are almost always applied by plastic surgeons because facial skin is much softer than the skin on the rest of the body and because tattoos are usually placed very close to important parts of the face.

How About Semi-Permanent Makeup, Like Semi-Permanent Lip Liner? Is There A Difference?

It depends on who you talk to. Permanent make-up is also often referred to as semi-permanent make-up; so you can choose whether you want to call your new lip liner job a semi-permanent lip liner or a permanent lip liner.

However, sometimes there is a slight difference between semi-permanent and permanent makeup. Some brands or cosmetic lines refer to their products or services as semi-makeup but refer to general cosmetics that are formulated to last longer.

Regardless of whether you plan to try on makeup and go under the beautician's needle with a permanent eyeliner or semi-permanent lip liner, or just find a semi-permanent lip liner that lasts long, get the color and service that works for you. It can be easy when you know what to look for.