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Parents understand that the advancing stages of a child's life have many challenges. Everyone wants their baby to be strong, healthy and fit. In the case of the intake of vitamins and food for your child, it's likely that you'll get different opinions from every person you meet. 

No matter whether it's your mommy acquaintances in the community or your own family members or the lactation specialist, the opinions regarding baby supplements can differ. If you're trying to determine what supplements to include in your baby's diet, the variety of opinions can be confusing to understand. 

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The mothers who breastfeed their children think that it's the ideal food choice for babies and has all the essential vitamins. Although breastmilk is a vital vitamin component, it does not contain two nutrients that are essential in sufficient amounts that are Iron in the form of iron and Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for kids to have strong bones. Iron is vital to the development of a well-functioning brain as well as blood cells. The infants also require iron to avoid any anemia and iron deficiency. Children who eat a broad range of different foods when they are growing, don't require any other vitamins than breastmilk. 

But, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, in the case of a baby who was born prematurely, is smaller than the gestational age, or has a low birth weight, and consumes less breast milk than other babies, then they may require supplements and vitamins.