Options For Installing Swing Doors

In the public services building, academic and other places where there is a relatively large, frequent, and constant movement of people into and out of the room it is often best to install automatic door systems. Many types of swing doors can be installed for the first time with the new frame or they can be retro-fitted to an existing door. 

Swing doors are a popular choice, and there are different options available to suit different situations. You can also investigate several links such as https://prolocksmiths.com/products/swing-doors to get complete information regarding the swing doors.

Automatic sliding and swing doors supplied and fitted by specialists

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The Main types:

Low energy swing door is suitable and safer for situations where there are a lot of users is disabled. Low energy operator opens the door at low speed with a lower level of kinetic energy along with a low opening and closing pressure. 

Full energy units are fully automated to open and close with strong pressure at the time of opening and closing doors. To make such a system effective and safe, radar activating devices and safety devices installed in the door.

Different Sensor:

Sensors tend to apply for full energy operators and modern sensors that use infrared to detect the approach to the entrance and any potential obstructions in the swing area. These sensors can be mounted in different ways. A security light can also be used to make sure that nobody will get hurt if they are in the swing area of the door.