Not All Bed Bug Treatments Are The Same

If you have two competing offers for treatment of bed bugs, and one is $ 290 and the other is, Well, more than that, there is no comparison. But why is one so low and the other so much? The fact is this, people who ask for a quote for treatment of bedbugs, tend to shop for prices and they are very quick to see if we can beat their last quote, tell us what they can do for others, the pest control company they called.

What we hear is sometimes very scary and in fact, quite surprising. Not only because of the cheap prices, but also from what they say the service will be. Well, there are many other alternatives to treat bed bug infestation. You can opt for natural bed bug killers to eliminate them forever. These natural eliminators are widely available online. You can purchase one through sites like 

Recently there was a telephone conversation between a salesperson and a prospect. These instructions entered our company and several others at 8:45 the night before. We returned the phone around 8 am and were told that this little company sold him bed bug treatments over the phone last night!

I thought, wow, you're kidding, right? NOT! Not kidding. Just because they called first! Amazing customer service, right? Second, we asked him what the other pest control companies would do for him for $ 290.00? He said, "they will make tube bombs to treat bed bugs".

Wow again, I think – You're kidding, right? NOT! Not kidding. Why call a pest control professional, if they are going to use an insect bomb, you can do it yourself for $ 20. It can't be trusted, that other pest control companies will do this, how do they stay in business?

Third, my sales rep spent 15 minutes with him on the phone trying to convince him that he might want a second opinion and that we would be happy to offer a FREE consultation and bedbug examination at his home, and would be happy to educate him on bed bugs and methods proper care.