Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Offices In Singapore

Giving a different dimension to the old office space isn't a tough job if you have some innovative interior design ideas in your mind. To solve this problem there are a variety of wall color paints and painting techniques that can make your office stand out.

Top interior design company can provide reliable interior designing services in Singapore. For ideas on how to give your office space a much-needed makeover without looking too flashy, keep reading.

Choosing paint colors: Choosing paint colors plays an important role in office design. If you are planning to apply a certain theme to your office, think about it when choosing a paint color.

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Make sure your theme doesn't require too many changes to the available space as you won't be able to do without the basic furniture like chairs, tables, shelves, etc.

Painting technique: There are several ways to apply paint to a wall surface. It is up to you to choose the right one depending on what kind of effect you want to bring to your office. Using a roller brush, comb, dust, rag, etc. Painting the walls not only makes them look rich in texture but also gives a brilliant finish.

Floor covering: As a floor covering, it is best to choose a rough and strong floor that can withstand everyday office traffic. A lot of people move around furniture and people in the office, which is why laminate or vinyl flooring works so well. There is rarely a chance for them to break and slide, which is common with tiles.