How to Move the Sofa to A New Location?

Will the sofa enter through the door? That is the dilemma of everyone. Do you need to remove the door? Is it getting better one way or another? Well, we have a simple equation to help you move your sofa. You can now hire a professional upholstery doctor in NYC to assemble or disassemble your sofa. 

How to Move a Couch Through a Doorway - GoShare

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But first, some general tips for moving larger sofas and chairs.

1) Is your sofa indispensable? Then a professional moving company might be a better choice.

2) Measure before moving the sofa

3) Make sure you have enough hands to help

4) Can the legs be removed easily?

5) If possible, remove all layers before moving

Now move on to the most complicated part. How to actually move that thing. The first thing you need to do is measure the space you need. Then measure the height, width and length of the sofa. Length is the length of the back. 

Always deal with height and width first. If the door width is greater than one of these two dimensions, you're in luck. If not, then you need to pay attention to the length of the sofa. 

If you're having trouble moving the couch, you can ask someone to take it apart and reassemble it on the property. This can be a slightly more expensive way to move a sofa, but it will always work. Your moving company should be able to recommend a carpenter/upholsterer for this.