How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Insecticidal dust is effective way to exterminate pesky bugs. Insecticidal dust is a dry formulation of contact insecticide which penetrates in the protective layer of these organisms and destroys their infestations. A professional pest control agent will choose the right insecticidal dust to eradicate bugs that will surely resolve your problem right away and prevent any future resurgence.

The average treatment cost could lie between $5000 to $80000 for large apartments. But for small scale problems various methods like using mattress encasements, portable steamers, using petroleum jelly and various other methods are employed which are not costly. The bed bug extermination is a process to be taken as soon as possible so as to prevent further damage to the humans.


As biting by these bugs could lead to infection and also to allergy one may need to take preventive measures at proper intervals for their extermination.

There is a variety of bed bug insecticide spray on the market. Although insecticides can help reduce your problem, they are not fully effective on their own. Combination of spraying with insecticides, thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming can greatly increase the effectiveness of insecticide sprays. There are a variety of "green" bed bug sprays on the market as well.