Features Of Retractable Roof Systems

Retractable roof structures can open and close within a minute giving full flexibility to the outdoor space. They refer to a range of retractable awning systems which provide sun and rain protection to large outdoor areas.

This unique roof system is considered to be a kinematic solution that protects architectural spaces from severe weather conditions and adds aesthetic and practical value to the building. You can get more information regarding retractable outdoor roofs through poolenclosures-poolcovers.com.au/retractable-roofs/.

These roofs can be used to create an outdoor environment in restaurants, stadiums, swimming pools, and other facilities.

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Retractable Roofs: Features

  • Retractable roofs can be closed in a compact shape and then transformed into their full load capacity configuration. Retractable means something that can be pulled inwards or outwards.
  • Common retractable roof stadiums consist of a roof panel that is adjusted over steel truss-trussed carriers. These carriers are powered by DC motors and rollover steel rails to allow for the desired retracting movement of the movable roof structure.
  • The roof can retract by sliding, lifting, rotating, or folding. You can also choose an expandable or combined system.
  • The ability to open and close the system is additionally useful in the control of temperature. They often work effectively with the combination of gas or electric heating and fans or misting systems.

The entire system includes its support design, traction, and control systems that allow for safe and reliable folding, retracting, or sliding off roofs.