Different Types of Blinds

Blinds refer to a type of hard slats or slats that can be adjusted by pulling manually. Blinds are also commonly used to describe window coverings. It includes almost all types of window coverings such as roller shutters and awnings.

Below are the most common and current types of blinds.

Venetian Blinds: This type of window covering is the most widely known and used. The perfect fit wood blinds have horizontal slats that are placed one above the other and are tied with wires.

When rotating, the blades move in unison. It is this cable connection mechanism that allows the shutters to be closed completely, partially, or completely.

Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds work the same as Venetian blinds, except they offer a vertical pull system instead of a horizontal pull system. Vertical blinds are ideal for windows and doors that open onto sliding patios or large windows.

They also offer the same light control as the Venetian shade. Vertical blinds also collect less dust and are easy to clean.

Artificial wood and wood blinds: These types of blinds are mainly wood or artificial wood blinds, so they also use a system of slats and cable ties to open and close.

Wood and artificial wood are becoming increasingly popular due to their visual impact. Artificial wood or wood gives the interior of the house a real country atmosphere.