Different Bunions Treatment Options In Baltimore

Bunions are foot disorders that develop as the enlargement of the inner joint of the big toe and move to smaller toes. High heels and pointy shoes that cramp the air are the major reason for the formation of bunions. 

Sometimes,  thickened bursa bunions can cause the bone formation and misalignment to abnormal feet. It is necessary to have a proper treatment of bunion in Baltimore.

The fitting shoes and hereditary genetic defect foot mechanical structure is another cause that makes certain foot types to develop bunions. Bunion symptoms include severe pain, redness, inflammation and sometimes a burning sensation and numbness.

Treatment options

Bunion treatment in Baltimore depends on several factors such as the type of your feet, your activities, symptoms and the intensity of your deformity. The idea of bunion treatment is to relieve pressure on the toe joints to reduce the progression of joint damage.

For relief from the pain of bunions, and reduce inflammation, you can take pain killers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. In addition, apply an ice pack on the bunion several times a day to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Massaging your feet in vertical movement and compressing the heating pads on a regular choice is another bunion treatment option.

Using orthoses is part of a bunion treatment because it helps improve foot function while limiting the measure of force on the thumb joint. 

Your podiatrist in Baltimore may recommend applying a popular bunion pad, which is not too rigid and act as medicine on a bunion or bunion shield to reduce the pain of a bunion.