An Affordable Way to Remove Roof Moss

Roof Moss, like any other living organism, needs water, food, and air in order to survive. The north side or a shady section of a roof is the perfect habitat for moss.

The north-facing side of your roof does not get direct sunlight which would burn the moss off; instead, it remains cooler and retains water longer allowing moss to thrive.

Moss can survive on airborne food sources or from eating the surface that it is attached to, like; wood pulp from cedar shingle roofs or from the limestone in the asphalt style shingles. You can also hire roof moss removal agency in Vancouver.

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Roof moss removal can be dangerous and costly but with the right roof cleaning products and equipment, you can do it yourself for under $100.00 and in less than 2 hours of work.

Power washing or brushing moss off of your roof without pre-treating the roof with an effective moss cleaner will only result in topical removal, meaning that the roots will be left behind, still feeding, and will soon bloom again. The use of chlorine bleach on your roof can cause more problems than it may seem to solve.

Chlorine bleach severely dries out any surface it comes in contact with, when left on clothes too long it will burn a hole through the clothing, similar damage can occur on the roofing material, making the roofing material brittle and susceptible to wind damage. Chlorine bleach can also permanently alter the color of your roofing material.