A Beginners Guide to What Is A Bolt Carrier?

A bolt carrier group is the part of a firearm that houses the bolt and is operationalized by facilitating the sliding of the bolt in and out of the rifle's receiver. They come in different styles, sizes, construction materials, and cocking handles. Find out what's best for your rifle in this blog post.

A bolt carrier is the part of a rifle that helps to rotate the chamber and feed rounds into the barrel. The best bolt carrier group contains a number of springs and a cartridge guide that helps keep the rounds aligned so they can be fired. A bolt carrier, also known as a firing pin, is the component that transfers the energy from the gun’s firing pin to the round in the chamber. 

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It’s a small, cylindrical part that resides on the bottom of the gun and screws into the receiver. A bolt carrier group, or BCG for short, is the key component of an AR-15 rifle. It's what holds the rounds in the magazine and sends them down the barrel when you press the trigger.

It's also responsible for cycling the action, which means it moves the firearm back and forth as you pull the trigger. A BCG can be made from a variety of materials, but most are made from steel. The bolt itself is a metal piece that slides into a receiver (the part of the gun that holds all of the other parts). On top of the bolt is a firing pin, which is what actually fires the round.